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Management Visibility For Team Productivity

Advancement teams come in all shapes and sizes, from local hospitals with a few frontline fundraisers to hospital systems with multiple teams in many locations managed locally and centrally.  Teams also include universities with many divisions and national organizations with local chapters throughout the country, each with fundraising responsibilities managed and supported by the main office. Major Donor Calculator can optimize all of these organizational models.

fundraising team

For organizations that have multiple users and/or locations, we offer Team plans.  The plans include all Pipeline Planner features +Sectors.  They add the ability to handle multiple users, locations, and organizations in the Donor Profile Library with an aggregated Management View to provide centralized and decentralized visibility to keep everyone productive.

Plans are offered for:

  • Small Teams with 2 to 5 users
  • Medium Teams with 6 to 10 users
  • Large Teams with 11 or more users 
team management view
Add-on Data Integration: For larger organizations that demand greater efficiency and productivity, we offer custom data integration between the Calculator and your donor database, for an additional fee. Consult with us to plan and implement your desired integration.

Team Training and Support

Team onboarding to Major Donor Calculator is available for Team subscribers. The sessions are scheduled with Abacus and conducted virtually. Orientation includes a full walk-through of the instructions, input pages, interpretation and use of the results, use of the Profile Library, and much more. Short video tutorials are also available.