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Summary of Plans

Basic Ask

(Free Version)
[Use After Free Trial]

Prepare for Bold Asks with Greater Readiness & Confidence

  • Up to 3 profiles/month
  • Up to 72 most recent profiles in the Library
  • Basic Ask Results, Library, and Support

Pipeline Planner

Plan & Predict Major Donor
Outcomes Better

  • Unlimited profiles with Donor IDs and notes
  • Full Ask & Expected Goal Planner Results
  • Full Planner Library with Actual Pledge update, File Viewing & Sharing, and Export Profile Library
  • Training & Support


Greater Ask Confidence &
Giving Predictability

  • Add 1 sector with additional profile inputs for greater donor specificity

+Teams & Consultants

Management Visibility For
Team Productivity

  • Multiple users & locations
  • Team Management Library View
  • Team Training & Support
  • Multiple sectors for consultants
  • Optional database integration (additional $)