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Greater Ask Confidence & Giving Predictability

While there are many commonalities, every stakeholder organization sector connects and engages its donors through its unique mission. For example, the healthcare sector looks to grateful patients for contributions, and the performing arts sector looks to season subscribers. 

+Sectors, added to Major Donor Calculator, call for and calculate additional sector-specific behavioral and relationship factors that further enhance the confidence, quality, and reliability of the Pledge Ask and Pledge Goal. With +Sectors an advancement organization can extend sector-specific factors to an entire donor pipeline and refine its planning efforts for exponentially better results.

+Sectors are available as part of an enhanced Pipeline Planner subscription and standard in Team & Consultant plans. Both plans feature special pipeline development and Ask skills training sessions.

Animal Welfare

Education K-12


Performing Arts

Education College

Your sector
upon request

Visual Arts



Allied Health




Human Services

  • 4-6 input fields are added to the SmartWizard (depending on sector)

  • Set and adjust Sectors in your Account Profile

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